Chess Squares

Prepare yourself. This is probably the last indulgent recipe I’ll share for a while.


Those who know me know that I loooove sweets, and I rarely bother trying to resist them. I’d much rather run an extra mile or two than deprive myself of something delicious. Unfortunately, I’ve been slacking on the “extra mile or two” part lately, and it’s resulted in an “extra pound or ten” on my thighs. And now, we’ve got two vacations booked this year, both of which will require swimsuits, and the first of which is less than two months away.

So, for the next few months, it’s no more delicious desserts, lots more miles on the pavement.

Luckily, when I made this resolution, I had already whipped up a big batch of these positively divine Chess Squares.


Like, a big batch. And obviously I wasn’t going to let these ooey, gooey, buttery, creamy, delectable treats go to waste.

So the hubs and I devoured them all. I practically licked my plate clean after each one (and I’m not even exaggerating).

I used reduced-fat cream cheese, as always (I honestly don’t know why anyone ever uses the full-fat stuff), but otherwise followed the recipe.

Please make them. And enjoy them. And describe them to me. And maybe let me smell them.

…It’s going to be a long few months.

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