Chicken Taco Chili

Taco + Chili = delicious. Throw in “skinny” and you’ve got delightful. Add in “couldn’t-be-easier,” and you’ve got perfection. (So, for those not paying attention, Perfection = Taco + Chili + Skinny + Couldn’t-Be-Easier.)

And therefore I present to you, Skinnytaste’s Chicken Taco Chili.


In all seriousness, this meal couldn’t be more perfect for Dan & me. My favorite food is tacos (well, any and all Mexican food, really), and I think he’d agree that his favorite food is chili. And of course, Skinnytaste has healthified it up, meaning I can add sour cream and Fritos on top, without even feeling guilty. And for an added bonus, it makes an entire Crock Pot worth, so it feeds Dan and I for two dinners, and approximately 50 lunches.


In this case, since I was heading out of town for five days, it fed both of us for one dinner, and then fed Dan for roughly three dinners and three or four lunches, and still had some leftover when I got back.

Serve this with brown rice, if you’d like, top it with a teensy bit of low-fat shredded cheese, and of course, finish it off with sour cream and Fritos. Then, devour it.

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