I’m Chrissie. I’m a wannabe housewife to my hungry husband, Dan. I would love nothing more than to be a stay-at-home-housewife and spend my time concocting deliciousness in my kitchen, but unfortunately we have one of those darn mortgages to pay, so that’s just not in the cards. However, I do still make an effort to make home-cooked meals each weeknight. I just rely on the culinary brilliance of others to do so–usually Pinterest, but also a few cookbooks I have lying around the house.

When I started cooking more and more about a year ago, my friends and family were always shocked to hear about the things I’d been cooking. So this is my way of proving to everyone that I can actually cook (or at least follow a recipe), and sharing my favorites, successes, and failures with you all.

I usually plan out our “menu” for the week on Sunday mornings, so if you ever want to know what’s coming up to try it right along with me, just leave a comment.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration of your own, check out my “Stuff That Looks Tasty” Pinterest board, where I grab most of my recipes.


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